Product Syn-Energy Specialist

Product Evaluation

Unbiased Product Evaluation

  • Video Promotion of Product
  • Product Development feedback
  • Engineering & Prototype Assistance

Endorsement of Products

  • Upon Product Approval


  • Creating Brands and Design
  • Product Introduction
  • Building Value
  • Demonstrating usefulness
  • Launching Product

Specialty Product Design

Video Production

Public Recommendation of Products/Services

Pull Marketing: Attraction

Social Media Attraction

  • Facebook
  • Personal Profile- over 5000 members
  • HuntingWildlife Profile - over 2000
  • Create and Manage Product Pages for multiple companies
  • Target Tracker Profile over 200
  • YouTube
  • 39 subscribers
  • Over 30,000 views
  • All directly related to Hunting and LE Industries
  • Vimeo
  • Password Protected Video area
  • Since 2000
  • 12 years in business
  • Acquired in 2011
  • Sales of over 100 units

Working with Companies and linking products together for mutual benefit

Train first- sales automatically happen later; has created overwhelming mass appeal

Customers buy what they learn on and see as success from trainer


  • Jointly using and developing products within network of companies represented


  • Jointly Marketing products that work well together to build value


  • Oddly enough create like-isms between competitors for mutual success
  • Joint Training Events- Cuts Costs
  • Companies Represented: Nikon (indentified in Public as the Nikon Guy), DPMS Firearms- Freedom Group, Target Tracker, Drift Innovation Cameras, Kodak Cameras, Insane Archery Bow Mounts, Campbell's Outdoor challenge, Campbell's Cameras, USA Tactical Firearms, Turnbull Mfg.(indentified in Public as the Turnbull Guy), Circle T Ranch, Heartland Wildlife Ranch, Mountaineer Sports, Nockturnal, Proc's Hunting Buddy, , Carbon Express, Rage, Meopta, Trophy Blend Scents, Hiawatha Sportsmans Club Hunter Cam Cradle, Ed's Archery, Rob Moen realtor, Creative taxidermy, Tim Abel-Author of Hunting & Fishing "What the Pro's Do not tell you", Ed Bock's Feed and Supply, SpecOps, Protrans Logistics,

Video Production

  • Promotional Video
  • Docu-mericial
  • Product usage application video

Tactical Training Industry

Train LE and Military on Special Tactics

C.O.G. Firearms Training

Lowest Cost Solution for Moving Target Systems

Customized Courses of Fire

Hand to Hand Combat Specialist

Home Defense Training

Classified Combat Specialist


Law Enforcement Industry

Product Demonstration

Tactical Training

LE wants to use what the Pro's Use

Trade Shows

Special "sponsored events"

specialized Product Development

Hunting Industry

Click here for a diagram demonstration

Contact info:

1360 E. M-36
Pinckney, MI 48169
email us

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